HIHT Honours people of determination


Dateline Dehradun: On the occasion of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, various programs were organized at the Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust (HIHT) in Jollygrant. More than 25 persons with disabilities were honored at the Rural Development Institute (RDI).

Dr. Vijay Dhasmana, the Member of HIHT Presidential Body and Chancellor of Swami Rama Himalayan University (SRHU) Jollygrant, in his message, stated that our efforts towards the empowerment of persons with disabilities are ongoing. Bringing persons with disabilities into the mainstream of society and making them more empowered is a collective responsibility. The significance of observing the International Day of Persons with Disabilities lies in everyone contributing to it.

Addressing the program organized by RDI at HIHT, Dr. Vijendra Chauhan emphasized that the goal of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is to create an environment of equality for disabled individuals, along with providing equal opportunities for progress and development. To achieve this, awareness must be raised in society. Additionally, we need to be aware of their nutrition and health to protect the future generations from disabilities.

Approximately 50 persons with disabilities participated in the program. Dr. Vijendra Chauhan, during the event, provided certificates and materials for self-employment, such as sewing machines for 25 or more disabled individuals, along with materials for a tailoring shop, a vegetable cart, and materials for cattle farming, along with scholarships. Furthermore, recognition awards were given to Badarabad residents Deepak Kumar, Veer Singh, and Ajay Kumar, who are working for the upliftment of persons with disabilities.

Senior pediatric specialist at Jollygrant’s Himalayan Hospital, Dr. B.P. Kalra, mental health specialist Dr. Priya Ranjan Avinash, and Dr. Ashwani Bhatt from the Neurology Department shared their thoughts on children’s learning disabilities.

Dr. Rajiv Bijlwan, the Director of RDI, and Program Officer Neelam Pandey provided information about the programs being undertaken for the upliftment of persons with disabilities.

Dr. V.D. Semwal proposed the vote of thanks. The program, conducted under the direction of Ravindra Verma, was successful with contributions from Dr. Nancy, Vikesh Semwal, D.P. Uniyal, Digvijay Bisht, Jyoti Verma, Sunita Badoni, Meena, Richa, Gajendra, Satendra, Payal, Nagma, Nidhi, Naresh Thapliyal, and Deepak Joshi.