Awareness Campaign Conducted on World Vitiligo Day

*Awareness Campaign Conducted at Himalayan Hospital on World Vitiligo Day*

Dateline Dehradun: On the occasion of World Vitiligo (White Spots) Day, an awareness campaign was conducted at Himalayan Hospital, Jolly Grant. During this event, information about the symptoms, treatments, and myths related to this disease was provided to patients and their relatives visiting the hospital.

On Tuesday, people visiting the dermatology department’s OPD at Himalayan Hospital were informed about vitiligo (white spots). The head of the department, Dr. Rashmi Jindal, stated that due to various myths related to vitiligo in society, affected individuals often face social ostracism. Vitiligo does not affect a person’s daily activities.

She mentioned that vitiligo is a type of skin disorder commonly known as leukoderma, which affects the pigment-producing cells in the body. It is not a contagious disease. Dr. Y.S. Bisht explained that modern medical science offers many options for preventing white spots. In many patients, surgery with skin grafting can treat white spots.

Dr. Samarjit Roy pointed out that there are certain myths in society about this disease, such as the consumption of white foods like milk, yogurt, cheese, etc., it being a type of leprosy and spreading by touch, and the belief that it is untreatable. These misconceptions can only be eradicated through awareness.

Dr. Deekshita, Dr. Arnav, Dr. Ritu, Dr. Anuj, Dr. Jagriti, Dr. Vrinda, Dr. Sakshi, Dr. Shobhit, and Dr. Tabir provided detailed information on the treatment, symptoms, and myths related to white spots to patients and their relatives through a poster exhibition in the OPD.

*Free PTSD Camp on June 27*
On June 27, Himalayan Hospital Jolly Grant will celebrate International Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day. On this occasion, the Department of Clinical Psychology will organize a free assistance camp for PTSD sufferers to spread awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder in the hospital.

Dr. Malini Srivastava, head of the Department of Clinical Psychology, explained that PTSD is a mental health disorder that develops in some people after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. The traumatic event can be life-threatening, such as war, natural disasters, car accidents, or sexual assault. She encouraged PTSD sufferers to take advantage of this free assistance camp.

The camp will be held on June 27 from 10 AM in Room No. 5 of Block 2. On June 28, in collaboration with RDI, community health workers will be trained on PTSD in Bahadarabad.