AIDS awareness rally organized by HIMS

AIDS awareness rally organized by HIMS

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, a massive awareness campaign was conducted by Himalayan Hospital Jolly Grant. Various programs were organized under this. During this, people coming to the skin disease OPD were given information about the causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of AIDS. Also myths were dispelled about AIDS amongst the people.

On Saturday, people coming to the OPD of Dermatology Department of Himalayan Hospital were made aware about AIDS. During the program organized on this occasion, Head of the Department, Dr. Rashmi Jindal said that AIDS disease is caused by HIV virus. This virus weakens the immunity of humans. The purpose behind celebrating this special day is to make people aware of HIV disease.

Dr. Rashmi Jindal reiterated that the reasons for the spread of AIDS are unsafe sex, transfusion of HIV infected blood, use of infected needles during pregnancy or delivery of an HIV positive woman or even by breastfeeding, the newborn baby can spread this infection.

Dr. Samarjit Roy, Dr. YS Bisht, Dr. Ruchi etc. were present on this occasion, Dr Y S Bisht and Dr Ruchi Hemdani.

Amongst Residents were: Dr Dikshita, Dr Ritu, Dr Anuj. Dr Arnav, Dr Jagriti, Dr Darshana, Dr Vrinda, Dr Sakshi,Dr Shobhit and Dr Tabeer.

Symptoms of AIDS –
Dr. Samarjit Roy said that due to AIDS, the patient suddenly starts losing weight, there can be fever for a long time, diarrhoea can persist for a long time, there can be increase in glands in the body and there can be many wounds on the tongue etc.

AIDS awareness rally by HIMS –
On behalf of the Department of Community Medicine, Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences (HIMS), Jolly Grant, under the guidance of Head of the Department, Dr. Ashok Kumar Srivastava, people were made aware about the dangers of AIDS in Kudkawala and Gauhari Mafi Raiwala Health Center of Doiwala. During this, the students went door-to-door and gave information about AIDS to the people and also distributed red ribbons. On this occasion, Dr. Himanshu, Dr. Deepshikha, Dr. Vaibhav, Dr. Chirag etc. were present.