SRHU’s First Research Advisory Committee Meet held


The first meeting of the Research Advisory Committee held in Swami Rama Himalayan University included Chairperson of the committee Dr. Manju Sharma (FNASc, FNAAS, Padama Bhushan, Former Secretary, Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, Chairman, New Initiative, NASI, Allahabad), and member, Prof. Paramjit Khurana (FNA, FASc, FNASc, FNAAS, FTWAS, J.C. Bose National Fellow, Department of Plant Molecular Biology, University of Delhi South Campus) .

The external members appreciated the University official for a good research oriented environment with amalgamation of basic research science and therapeutic clinical experience in the campus. It was also suggested that Swami Rama Himalayan University can be a center for local plant based nutraceuticals.

The external members of the committee were welcomed by Dr. Rajendra Dobhal, Honorary Director, Strategic Planning and R&D of the University. Dr. Vijendra Chauhan, Vice Chancellor, SRHU presented an overview of the University in reference to the vision and mission of Swami Rama to the committee members. Dr. Sunil Saini apprised the members about the research in the field of Tissue Banking, Palliative & Supportive Care and Genomic Landscape of Breast Cancer in Young Women.

Dr. Jayanti Semwal presented over all status of the research activity at HIMS. She informed to the committee members about use of electronics health records for hospital based research and to explore avenues to generate resources for self-sustenance.

Further Dr. Rajeev Bijalwan apprised the members about the health program being run by the Rural Development Institute that includes social welfare, health beneficiaries, water sanitation water security and capacity building programme to improve livelihoods of the people of the various regions of the Uttarakhand.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta presented the research that will benefit the society. The main area of their research are Plant Microbe Interactions: Mineral Bio fortification, Stress mitigation, Plant growth Promotion, Nutraceuticals, Biogenic nanomaterials for agronomic and biomedical Applications, Mushroom Cultivation etc.

Dr. C S Nautiyal, Scientific Advisor of the University informed to members that research is going on with combined efforts of Cancer Research institute, Himalayan School of Biosciences and Orthopedics’ Department of the University to develop an medicine to help the cancer patients. The meeting ended with thanks to the chair.

Himalayan Hospital hosts National Neonatology Forum Expert Meet


A two-day expert group meeting was organised on the 1st of June 2023, by the National Neonatology Forum (NNF) in collaboration with NNF Uttarakhand at Himalayan Hospital, Dehradun.

Forty experts from all over India attended the meeting physically, and fifteen virtually.

Inaugurating the event, Principal Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences Prof Ashok Deorari, highlighted the need for developing a comprehensive module for teaching and training of health care workers that can improve knowledge base and skills of Neonatal Healthcare Workers to further improve intact neonatal survival.

Dr Anu Sachdeva introduced the agenda and plan of action for the two days. Deliberations over various aspects of improving care of small and sick newborns came to valuable conclusions.

NNF India President, Prof Praveen Kumar presided over the meeting.

It was emphasized that the module should be made simple and engaging to be effectively implemented all over the country. NNF India Secretary, Dr Surender Singh Bisht along with others, felt that alignment of the module with already existing resources is important.

World Health Organization Advisor, Dr Rajesh Mehta reiterated that NNF has been doing excellent work in improving health of newborn in the country, and appreciated the efforts of all gathered for a good cause. He requested that the efforts continue in the future with prime focus on saving newborns.

Menstrual Hygiene Summit held at Himalayan Hospital

Menstrual Hygiene Summit unveiling 'pahle kadam.'

In a significant step towards promoting menstrual hygiene, the ‘School Menstrual Hygiene Management Summit’ was a significant event held at Himalayan Hospital, Jollygrant.

Rural Development Institute-Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust (Himalayan Hospital), Dehradun, in collaboration with Azim Premji Foundation and the Uttarakhand State Education Department, organized the summit. The summit brought together educators, policymakers, health professionals, and students from across the state to address the critical issue of menstrual hygiene in schools.

The summit began with an opening address by Dr. Rajeev Bijalwan, Deputy Director RDI- HIHT who emphasized upon gender integration in menstrual hygiene management. One of the key highlights of the summit was the inauguration of “Pahle Kadam” a book developed by RDI on menstrual hygiene.

Dr Vijendra Chauhan, Vice Chancellor, SRHU, started by saying, “there are more misconceptions and myths than the number of problems in the menstrual cycle. It will be possible to remove these misconceptions and myths only when we address adolescent girls and women through programs like ‘School Menstrual Hygiene Program.”

Dr. Geeta Khanna, Chairman Uttarakhand Child Right Protection Commission praised the work done by NGOs on menstrual health and hygiene. She emphasized upon working with the government as only then we can take such programs to a larger level. She said, ” such programs should be done more in public, only then we can reduce the misconceptions and taboos in society.”

Dr Jyoti Sharma, who delivered the Inaugural Address emphasized upon girls and women being supported in managing their periods safely and with dignity. She addressed proper menstrual product usage, personal hygiene, and the importance of access to clean water and sanitation facilities. She also stressed upon the importance of sex education which should be incorporated in the school syllabus.

Mahavir Singh Bisht, Deputy Director of Secondary Education, explained in detail about the efforts being made by the government. He believed that the collaboration of NGOs and other organizations with the government can make programs like school menstrual hygiene management programs very successful and effective.

Rural Development Institute – Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust Director, B. Maithali stated that we must give as much importance to the boys as we give to the girls and only then can we make this program successful. She highlighted the need for breaking gender stereotypes and involving men and boys in conversations surrounding menstruation.

Dr. Bharti Dangwal, Senior State Program Manager, American Indian Foundation Uttarakhand emphasized on promotion of menstrual hygiene in rural areas through MHM programs while Deepa Kaushalam, Program Director, Astitva Foundation, delivered a compelling address on gender integration in menstrual health management.

From Swami Rama Himalayan University, Dr Neerul Pandita, Dr. Enas Mushtaq, Dr. Neha Sharma, Ms Neelam Pandey, and Dr Rajeev Bijalwan also shared their experiences and views on menstrual hygiene management.

Australian university decision impacts overseas students

IFS students in class

Dateline Dehradun: Students making a beeline for further studies in any of these Australian universities of Federation University, Western Sydney University, Victoria University, Edith Cowan University, the University of Wollongong, Torrens University including agents affiliated with Southern Cross University might need to re-think.

Amidst surge in ‘fraudulent applications’ from Uttarakhand, Haryana, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir there has been a noticeable tightening of scrutiny on Indian students’ applications in the above mentioned universities in Australia.

Over the years, unethical agents from certain areas of the country submitting fake and fraudulent documents has led five Indian States to be highlighted as ‘high-risk.’ However, this approach has drawn wide-spread criticism for its generalized nature that contradict the very principles of equal opportunity and fairness that Australia upholds.

 Uttarakhand students impacted

Mr. Ravinder Virmani, Director of Innovative Future Steps, a prominent overseas education consultancy in Dehradun, expressed his concerns stating, “it is grossly unfair and discriminatory to ban an entire state. Not all students or educational institutions from these regions engage in unethical practices. We put checks and balances in place to ensure a seamless and transparent process is in place. Our consultancy is based on honesty, transparency and reputation and that is why we have a 98% visa success rate.”

Suggestions have come in from all quarters: Instead of implementing a blanket ban, educational providers can adopt more rigorous measures to verify applications, leveraging the existing Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) mechanism to identify potential fraudulent individuals. Implementing checks and balances at various levels, including agents, EduTech portals, education providers and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA.”

Concern has grown over how unethical and dishonest players within India have tarnished the reputation of the industry. Virmani further added,  “Students and parents must understand that following unethical advice or engaging in dishonest practices recommended by unscrupulous agents or consultants can negatively impact their child’s future. It is crucial to prioritise the student’s genuine educational aspirations over deceptive “package” deals that serve as a scam.”

With the Indian Ministry of External Affairs taking note of the situation, it is expected that the Australian government will urge the universities to reconsider their decision as denying genuine students from high-risk regions equal opportunities would be unfair.

PTE gets approval for Student Direct Stream visa into Canada

IFS in Dehradun

Dateline Dehradun: In a news concerning thousands of aspiring students who would like to study in Canada, Pearson today announced that it had received the approval from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for PTE Academic to be accepted for all SDS (Student Direct Stream) applications.

Welcoming the positive step, Mr. Ravinder Virmani, Director of Innovative Future Steps– a leading PTE & IELTS coaching center in Dehradun said, “this will greatly benefit students aspiring to study in Canada. PTE has test centers globally and students get their results in less than 2 days on average.”

What is Student Direct Stream?

Student Direct Stream (SDS) is an expedited study-permit process for students applying to study in Canada from Antigua and Barbuda, Brazil, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and Vietnam.

As per IRCC figures for 2022, Canada reached an all-time high for international students. By  the end of October last year, IRCC had processed over 750,300 study permit applications.

Class in progress at Innovative Future Steps

Who can take PTE Academic?

PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English Academic) is a computer-based English language proficiency test that is widely accepted by universities, colleges, and governments around the world. It is primarily taken by non-native English speakers who are seeking to study abroad or immigrate to English-speaking countries. The test measures an individual’s English language skills in the areas of speaking, writing, listening, and reading.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and acceptance of PTE Academic may vary depending on the institution or organization you are applying to. It is recommended to check the official websites or contact the relevant institutions to confirm their specific English language proficiency requirements and whether they accept PTE Academic as a valid test score.

About Innovative Future Steps

Innovative Future Steps, one of the best PTE & IELTS coaching center in Dehradun was established in the year 2014. Over the years, Innovative Future Steps has helped over hundreds of students’ study abroad in prestigious universities and colleges based in Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc. IFS is also the first recognized PTE center in Dehradun.

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On the Top of the World: Aparna Kumar

Aparna Kumar,

“Mountains know secrets we need to learn. That it might take time, it might be hard, but if you just hold on long enough, you will find the strength to rise up.” – Tyler Knott

Aparna Kumar, IPS, UP cadre, IG, PAC Central zone, celebrates 7 years of summiting Mount Everest on May 21st, 2016 in an emotional yet proud memory through this blog.

The journey to reach the Summit of Mount Everest (@ 29,030 feet) began in April, 2014 from the South side in Nepal. The expedition was aborted within few days of Aparna reaching the Everest basecamp/EBC, due to one of the worst avalanche disasters that killed the advance party of 16 Sherpas.

Next year, in 2015, she attempted from the North side via China, but as luck would have it, while she was climbing above 22,000 ft, a major earthquake rocked Himalayas with its epicenter in Nepal killing over 20,000 people. Aparna was out of range for 36 hours, hastily making her way back to basecamp, navigating her way through pitch darkness with just her headlamps to guide her as loose rock and boulders showered all around her.

It was a nerve-wracking 36 hours to find her exact location before a short satellite phone call from the basecamp assured her family that she was safe. All expeditions worldwide were cancelled in 2015.

On her third attempt from the more difficult North side via Tibet, Aparna was blessed by the  Mountain God. She summited the peak. She reached the ‘Top of the World‘ on the morning of ‘Buddha Purnima,’ on May 21st, 2016.

Later, Aparna achieved her target of completing all ‘Seven Summits’ (climbing the highest peak on all seven continents), ski to the South Pole and Summit Mount Manasalu – 8th highest peak of the World and was bestowed with the prestigious “Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award” (Arjuna Award for Land Adventure) by President of India in 2019, for her mountaineering feat.

The story of her success is the story of an explorer, courage of conviction, diligence in physical training, uncountable sacrifices, toil, sweat and hard-word, indomitable spirit and mind, never give up attitude but above all to accept mountains with respect & gratitude.

Aparna Kumar has proved that ‘Age is just a number.’ You can achieve anything with sheer hard-work, hawk-like focus and never letting your target fade away from your eyes.

Keep marching and keep setting new benchmarks for success. 

VoW ‘Candid Conversations’ with MP Bhupinder Yadav

Book Discussion of MP Bhupender Yadav

Dateline Dehradun: Valley of Words, Literature and Arts Festival, in collaboration with Shourya India, successfully hosted a captivating book discussion  on ‘The Rise of the BJP’ written by Honourable Union Minister Bhupender Yadav at the Vow Cafe-Library-Studio-Gallery.  The houseful event witnessed an engaging dialogue on the journey and achievements of one of India’s most influential political parties.

Authored by Bhupender Yadav, Member of Parliament from Rajasthan, ‘The Rise of the BJP’ offers readers an exclusive glimpse into the inner workings of the party, its decision-making processes, implementation strategies, and policy execution. The meticulously researched book delves into the BJP’s struggle against rival ideologies and political challenges, ultimately propelling it to the forefront of national politics.

Speaking on the occasion, Union Minister Bhupender Yadav stated, “I am thrilled to witness such an enthusiastic response to ‘The Rise of the BJP’ and to engage in a meaningful conversation about the party’s evolution. This book aims to shed light on the BJP’s relentless pursuit of progress and the transformative initiatives it has spearheaded. It is an honour to share this narrative with the readers.”

The hour long session was moderated by Dr Sanjeev Chopra, a renowned Policy Analyst and Former Director of LBSNAA (Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration) and the Festival Director for Valley of Words, International Literature and Arts Festival  Mr. Chopra’s expertise in public policy and administration added depth to the conversation, ensuring a thought-provoking exchange of ideas.

Sanjeev Chopra expressed, “The books makes for interesting read. It is  a privilege to moderate the book discussion on ‘The Rise of the BJP.’ The book offers valuable insights into the party’s strategic decision-making process, ideology, and impact on India’s political landscape. The engaging discussion today has further enriched our understanding of the BJP’s rise to prominence.”

Dr Surekha Dangwal, Vice Chancellor Doon University, the Lead Discussant for the event, provided her scholarly perspective on the BJP’s growth trajectory. As an esteemed academician, her observations and analysis offered a comprehensive viewpoint on the subject matter.

Surekha Dangwal shared her thoughts, stating, “I commend Bhupender Yadav ji for penning this insightful book that chronicles the BJP’s journey. The discussion today highlighted the party’s ability to navigate challenges, adapt to changing dynamics, and emerge as a powerful force in Indian politics. It was an intellectually stimulating conversation, and I believe this book will contribute significantly to the political discourse in our country.”

By invitation-only event people from all walks of life connected with the written word participated. The event served as a platform for engaging dialogue, where attendees gained valuable insights into the BJP’s historical development and its impact on Indian democracy. The event exemplified Valley of Words (VoW) and Shourya India’s commitment to foster intellectual discussions on crucial political subjects.

Swami Rama Himalayan University Adopts 300 patients under TB-free India campaign


Swami Rama Himalayan University has adopted three hundred patients under the Prime Minister’s TB-free India campaign run by the Government of India. These patients will be supported in treatment and investigation including nutrition.

Inaugurating the campaign on Saturday, Chancellor Dr Vijay Dhasmana said that the institute has set a target of adopting 1000 TB patients. 300 TB patients will be given high protein nutrition kit every month for one year. Along with this, cooperation will also be given in the treatment and examination of these patients.

Rural Development Institute, Department of Community Medicine and Department of Respiratory and Chest Diseases will jointly conduct this program. This program will be run by the University in collaboration with this organization for health care of TB patients throughout the year.

Along with this, he underlined how the common man can contribute to TB-free India under the Ni-Kshaya Mitra scheme. He called upon everyone to make this program a success. Vice-Chancellor Dr Vijender Chauhan said that TB-free India cannot be achieved by hospitals alone. For this, social institutions, individuals and experts will have to come forward and contribute. Speaking on the need of nutrition, he said that we cannot make India TB free with medicines without nutrition.

Deputy District Medical Officer Dr Chandan Singh Rawat praised the university for its participation in this program and talked about providing expected cooperation. Dr Rajeev Bijlwan informed that under the campaign, 50 TB patients from Doiwala, 150 from Rishikesh and 100 from Bahadarabad will be provided nutrition, treatment and check-up facilities in the first phase.

Earlier in the program, Chancellor Dr Vijay Dhasmana distributed high protein nutrition kit to TB patients. On this occasion, Dr Jayanti Semwal, Dr Rakhi Khanduri, Lakshmi and Hemlata threw light on other aspects of the program.

Hemophilia patient undergoes successful Eye Surgery at Himalayan Hospital

Adrik with his doctor

Dateline Dehradun: A successful cataract operation was performed on the eye of a young patient suffering from Hemophilia, at the Himalayan Hospital, Jollygrant.

Two-year-old Adrik, a resident of Sitarganj (Udham Singh Nagar), was afflicted by cataract since birth. His case was complicated as he was suffering from Hemophilia A, which is a hereditary bleeding disorder caused by lack of blood clotting factor VIII.

Adrik’s parents consulted several hospitals but returned disappointed. They then decided to consult doctors at Himalayan Hospital, Jollygrant where they met Senior Eye Surgeon, Dr. Renu Dhasmana.

After examining the child’s report, Dr Renu Dhasmana informed the parents that there was risk involved in the operation as the child was suffering from Hemophilia A which is a condition relating to deficiency of factor VIII. Without sufficient factor VIII, the blood does not clot in the patient and hence leads to  uncontrollable bleeding. After gaining family consent, under the supervision of Dr. Aavriti of Onco Hematology, Factor VIII deficiency in Adrik was corrected through medicine.

Thereafter under the leadership of Dr. Renu Dhasmana, the team including Dr Veena Asthana, Dr Amit, Dr Kritika from the Department of Anesthesia performed the cataract operation on the child’s eye. Subsequent to the operation, the child was kept under  supervision of doctors for a few days. Completely cured the child has now been discharged from the hospital.

An elated Dr Renu Dhasmana, Senior Eye Surgeon  said, “Hemophilia is a disorder in which blood does not clot normally. As a result excessive bleeding occurs after any surgery. Treatment consists of medications to improve blood clotting. Himalayan Hospital, Jollygrant has all the modern facilities to perform surgery on such patients.

Ruskin Bond to meet fans on his birthday


Dateline Mussoorie:  After a gap of over three years,  author Ruskin Bond will once again be amongst his fans on the 19th of May ringing in his 89th birthday this year.

In a video message circulated by the author, Ruskin said he was looking forward to being with his readers on his special day, “Hello everyone it’s birthday time again and to my horror I suddenly realised that I’m going to be 89 on the 19th of May and my good friends at Cambridge book depot have asked me to come and celebrate with them and meet my readers, those who love book.”

A regular feature pre-Covid lockdown in 2020, the author would often be seen at his favourite bookstore in town on weekends, signing books, meeting fans and taking selfies with his growing number of readers who flocked to the Mussoorie Mall from all over the country and abroad as well.  But since Covid lockdown to-date, the author has been a homebody rarely meeting anyone or stepping out and has been busy doing what he loves most, writing.

An elated Sunil Arora, owner Cambridge Book Store shared the happy news and added, “It will be little over an hour long function at the shop. There will be a book launch of ‘All-time favourite Nature Stories’ by Mr Bond published by Puffin India that will take place, followed by the much-awaited cake-cutting. There will be pre-signed books by the author on display for sale.”

If you happen to be a Ruskin Bond fan and want to meet your favourite author in person, then this could well be your chance. Come and make the most of this opportunity on the 19th of May at the Cambridge Bookstore post lunch around 3:30 to meet the author and get your hands on one of those pre-signed books.

See you there!