Devesh Negi: Pencil, Paper and Portrait


Dateline Rishikesh: Talent is inborn! Siblings Mukesh and Devesh Negi, born and raised in Rishikesh are proof. Today, twenty year-old Devesh Negi, a self-taught artist like his older brother is following close on his older brother Mukesh’s heel, carving a niche for himself.

A school pass out, Devesh started sketching and doodling when he was in class 7. His classmates who encouraged him, loved his cartoon characters and soon Devesh got hooked to the magic of putting pencil to paper.

Adding colour

I draw everyday and everyday I learn something new. It is a slow process based on experience with basics, skill and hard work,” he tells me. Today, guided by his older brother, an accomplished artist and taking help from Instagram and YouTube, Devesh is constantly learning new techniques, forms and styles, working on his finesse. “With every mistake, I learn something new,” he adds.


His canvass varies from sneakers to musical instruments such as guitars to ukulele to automobiles to paper. There is no stopping this talented artist 
who soon wants to start doing wall murals as well.

For Devesh there is no compromise when it comes to the tools he uses. He uses regular Faber Castle shading pencils, Steadler Graphite pencils and 150gsm acid free paper for making sketches. 
Within a span of four to five days he completes regular size portraits though larger one’s can take close to ten days or more.

Mukesh the older brother takes immense pride in the way his younger brother is pursuing his passion, “though Devesh has a long way to go, I’m very satisfied by how his sketches are turning out. This art is a lifetime learning process. There are two things that go into making that ‘perfect picture’ art and craftsmanship, I think he is a talented craftsmanship but has to work on his execution of art.”