‘Neerakshan’ To save every drop of water


Dateline Mussoorie: Campaigning to save a rare commodity like water especially in Mussoorie, a hill-station that struggles with water-shortage is not something new. But ‘Neerakshan’ is one such initiative which is not only light on your pocket but also a very easy doable option for every household to consider.

Leading from the front, HRIDA_greenliving a Mussoorie based NGO has undertaken water conservation campaign under the ‘NEERAKSHAN’ banner urging hotels, homes, schools, institutions and other big and small commercial outlets  to install a small device called a ‘water saver aerator.

This small eco-friendly device is priced at a nominal Rs.56+gst for bulk buying by hotels and just Rs.70/- for homes or restaurants with free trials. Isha Vaish, the woman behind this unique initiative says, “We are giving free trials at homes and hotels. So far a handful of hotels have purchased these aeartors and many homes have given it a shot. There are plenty more that are willing to come aboard.”

These water saving aerators save about 50-70%  consumption in bathrooms  and kitchen sinks. The item is being directly sourced from a Bengaluru based Ecopreneurship company called ‘Eco-365.’ Isha further adds, “The motive is simple: To make Mussoorie free from future crisis situation. Also, it will cut down on water-consumption i.e. this is small, single device  can save about 20k litres annually.”

Ashish Goyal, a local hotelier who has used Water Saving Aerators at home and his hotel is very impressed, he says, “To our surprise these are very simple to use and save a lot of water. There was no after installation issues either. We finally decided to use these for our hotel rooms too. The thought of being a contributor to the save-water mission is most  satisfying.” He signs off saying, “I would highly recommend this device and urge everyone to be a part of this mission.”

To book for free trial: 9557248440