10th Plastic Bank comes up in Mount Fort Academy, Dehradun


Dehradun, Doon Valley based environmental action and advocacy group, SDC Foundation has established 10th Plastic Bank in the city with the help of CSIR – Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP), Government of India. SDC’s Rishabh Shrivastava appealed to students to bring segregated plastic waste from their homes and collect it in the school. He also explained to the students about the process through which plastic will be converted into fuel. Rishabh also told students about the importance of community participation and a cleaner environment.

Plastic pollution is becoming a major environmental and health threat all over the world. To fight and arrest the problems being caused by the rampant usage of single-use plastics, CSIR-IIP and SDC Foundation, together started an initiative of installing plastic banks in the city which helped in the recycling of plastic waste. The model of plastic bank promotes the decentralised practice of collection, source segregation and recycling of single-use plastics being generated in homes, offices and institutes.

During the event, Puja Jain, Principal of Mount Fort Academy informed the audience about numerous environmental friendly steps being taken and how the participation of students is crucial.

Jyoti Dhawan, Director, Mount Fort Academy stressed on the need to have a clean and hygienic environment and progress ahead together as a society. On the occasion of the plastic bank inauguration, the certificate of recognition was awarded by SDC to staff members of Mount Fort Academy.

During the event, SDC’s Founder Chairperson Anoop Nautiyal, Rishabh Shrivastava, Pyare Lal, Praveen Upreti were also present.