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Dehradun: Taking ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative a step forward TUDSlifestyle is soon becoming Uttarakhand’s one-stop shop for all your regional requirements.

Recently TUDS collaborated with Sandook for artificial Garhwali and Kumaoni jewelry exclusively. With the success of Kumaoni Pichoda from Haldwani to Pahari Topis from Mussoorie and Pahadi Dolls (Junyali) TUDS is leaving no stone-unturned to give a digital online presence to its numerable artisans: young or old, men or women to showcase their work on a digital platform.

Raman Shaily helped with his dedicated team tells us, “TUDS is your 24×7 online place for ethnic, regional lifestyle products. Just within a year, artists and artisans from our home state have approached us with their products ranging from long forgotten handmade moulds for roth (Garhwali nibbles) to customized t-shirts even pichoda’s and now ethnic jewelry. We are working on making this a completely Uttarakhandi online platform to showcase products from and by our hill-folks.”

If you like traditional jewelry from the hills of Uttarakhand but did not wish to shell out too much money, Sandook is the place for you to shop online. From Pauchi to Galabandh and the famous traditional pahadi nath are available at a steal-deal. Made from gilet and beads, the jewelry is light to wear and sure to wow the younger generation who want to carry a traditional yet trendy look but don’t want it to be too expensive or heavy.

TUDs along with Sandook and other collaborators is working on bringing the world a little closer to the hills of home by making worthy products, discoverable and within everyone’s reach, no matter where home is.