‘Ruskin Bond Collection’ the new thing in town

Ruskin Bond Collection

Dateline Mumbai/Mussoorie: Good news for Ruskin Bond fans! You all can have something, other than a book, that would directly remind you of your favourite author. A line of merchandise tailor-made by his great-grandson Sidharth Bond called ‘Ruskin Bond Collection.’

Telling us more about his latest project from Mumbai, Sidharth says, “This project was always at the back of my mind. I wanted to work on this. I see it as my responsibility being Ruskin Bond’s great-grandchild to keep his legacy alive.” And how!

There is something for every age group. From bookmarks, to tapestry with your author’s favourtie quotes, card-holders and plenty more to chose from @ruskinbond.in.

Ruskin Bond Collection

Welcoming this twenty day initiative Ruskin adds, ‘Through 50s, 60s and 70s although I wrote prolifically, many of my readers may have missed the opportunity to directly connect with me. However, this is about to change with our new endeavour.’

Ruskin Bond Collection is an all-exclusive brand, uniquely created one-of-a-kind product that beautifully recreates the whimsical, delightful and affable world that the author leads his reader into.

Over the last three weeks, the response has been overwhelming, we began this journey in the hope of engraving stories and memorable characters built by the author in the form of treasured keepsakes,’ Sidharth tells us.

Just like Ruskin Bond’s books, we too want to evoke the feeling of comfort, warmth and inspire people through this journey,’ adds Himani Sahu, co-founder.

Keeping in mind, Ruskin’s love for nature, every product at Ruskin Bond Collection is made locally with minimal wastage using natural, biodegradable material.

Ranging from stationery to lifestyle, accessories to clotheslines in the near future, Bond’s enormous body of work will find vivid, expressive and meaningful translation into affordable collectables that one can cherish for a lifetime.

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