Mera-Gaon, Swachh-Gaon Campaign arrives in Mana village


Mana/Chamoli,  ‘Mera-Gaon,Swachh-Gaon‘ a cleanliness campaign which started in Kandara Village in Chamoli, has today traveled far and wide. Making its way slowly from village to village in Chamoli,  spearheaded by Engineer Bhuwan Singh Rawat, it has now found place in the hearts of the hill-folks of Mana village.

The Campaign came to town, when there were locals and tourists celebrating the annual Jaith Puja Fair. Speaking to those gathered, Bhuwan Rawat reiterated, “We should not be dependent on the State Government for all our needs, we should rise above this mentality. Without spending a penny we too can be part of the cleanliness drive and serve our country well.”

Women and children of the village turned out in in large numbers wearing their traditional attire to pledge their support to the campaign. The cleanliness campaign laid stress on how one could recycle and reuse oil canisters as dustbins to collect garbage in public spaces.  The reuse of plastic cold-drink bottles for making bird-baths was taught to the eager audience who found it  a doable alternate.

For his contribution to making our hills clean and green, Engineer Bhuwan Singh Rawat was felicitated by the village elders and an oath was taken by those present to ensure that they too would do their bit in cleaning not only to their homes but also their surroundings.