Manil Suri: Zero to Infinity

    Students of Himjyoti School with Manil Suri

    Dateline Dehradun: Renowned author Manil Suri was in town to discuss his latest ‘The Big Bang of Numbers’ How to Build the Universe Using Only Maths published by Bloomsbury at the first edition of ‘Candid Conversations’ held at the VoW Café-Gallery-Studio in Dehradun.

    At a close knit gathering organised at the VoW Café, the author took time off to discuss his book at great length with his audience which was an interesting mix of all age groups and gender. The author spoke of how the universe had multiple origin stories, from religious creation myths to the Big Bang of scientists, but if we were to leave those behind and start from nothing – no matter, no cosmos, not even empty space – could we create a universe using only maths?

    Manil Suri at VoW Cafe

    Celebrated author Manil is a distinguished university Professor of Mathematics at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He has written three novels, The Death of Vishnu, The Age of Shiva, and The City of Devi. His debut non-fiction book, The Big Bang of Numbers: How to Build the Universe Using Only Maths is an engaging and imaginative tour through the fundamental mathematical concepts – from arithmetic to infinity – that form the building blocks of our universe.

    Moderated by Festival Director Dr Sanjeev Chopra, Lead discussant Dr. N. Ravi Shanker, VC DIT University took the session forward stating how Dussehra, Navami Puja, Ashtami, Saptami, Shashti, Chhati, Panchami, and Ganesh Chaturthi mentioned in the Indian Mythology were all based on numericals.

    During the conversation, various branches of Mathematics like Arithmetic, Pattern, Algebra, Geometry, Difference between Physics and Mathematics were discussed at length. The author reiterated how, “the interest in Maths depends on how mathematics is taught. To increase the interest in mathematics it becomes important on how easily and interestingly one is taught.”

    Distilled from almost four decades of teaching experience Manil Suri touched a chord with young and old alike. Students and faculty of Him Jyoti School took part in the session and walked away with pleasant memories with the renowned author who started at zero and ended at infinity.