Chief Minister Mobile App to the rescue


Tehri, Old and differently-abled Anandi Uniyal of Bhetudi village in Chamba Development Block of Tehri district used the CM mobile app to resolve her water connection problem.  Anandi Uniyal mentioned her problem to her Municipal Cuncil Urmila Maher Silkoti about how she had to walk to collect drinking water from the village water source despite her infirmity, who in turn uploaded her problem via Chief Minister’s mobile app. Following which, the Managing Director of Uttarakhand Peyjal Nigam was directed to take immediate action.

The M.D. instructed the Executive Engineer, New Tehri to immediately install a new water connection at the residence of Anandi Uniyal, which was then provided on March 31, 2018, by the Executive Engineer PayJal Nigam), New Tehri, under Sarjyula Pumping Scheme.

Reacting to this Anandi Uniyal said, “I have been running around to get the connection for some time now, but the initiative taken by Urmila Mehar solved the problem within days. The Chief Minister’s app is proving to be very beneficial for poor and destitute people.