A better doctor is one who understands his patient’s pain – Dr. Vijay Dhasmana

Mr Dhasmana addressing the new MBBS batch

An orientation program was organized for the new MBBS students at the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences (HIMS) Jollygrant. During this, the Chancellor Dr. Vijay Dhasmana addressed the students, saying that a better doctor is the one who understands the patient’s pain.

The inauguration of the orientation program organized by Swami Ram Himalayan University (SRHU) Jollygrant was done by lighting the ceremonial lamp in front of the portrait of the founder, Dr. Swami Rama.

While addressing the program, Chancellor Dr. Vijay Dhasmana mentioned that the goal behind the establishment of the institute and the medical college was to serve the people of Uttarakhand and other regions. Doctors are often regarded as incarnations of God in society. It is essential for doctors to serve suffering humanity to uphold this common belief. Chancellor Dr. Dhasmana also urged parents to keep an eye on every activity of their child if they dream of making their child a skilled doctor.

Dr. Rajendra Dobhal, the Vice-Chancellor, said that every moment of life is priceless. Students who understand the value of time reach the pinnacle of success. The value of time is understood through discipline. To achieve success, students should always maintain hope, dedication to duty, and self-confidence.

Dr. Ashok Deorari, Principal of HIMS, welcomed the new students along with their parents. . Dr. Taruna Sharma provided information about medical courses and exam patterns, while Dr. Vineet Mahrotra explained the anti-ragging policy and rules. All students also introduced themselves personally during the event.

Dr. Juhi Kalra presented the vote of thanks. The event, organized under the leadership of Dr. Kiran Bhatt, was attended by Secretary Dr. Sushila Sharma and Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad, along with all the faculty members of HIMS.