Womennovator: Women entrepreneurship has bloomed in India


The W-Talk Session, Bengaluru was inaugurated by Tripti Shinghal Somani, Founder Womennovator who enlightened the audience about Womennovator 2019-20 with support of Ministry of Micro, Small  and Medium Enterprises (MSME). W-TALK events are gathering momentum and greater visibility, with each successive event as W-TALKers share their inspiring and extraordinary stories, thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Womennovator is the First Virtual Incubator for Women, determined to support the cause of women empowerment and entrepreneurship and has endorsed the women empowerment principles of UN Goals – SDG 5: Achieve Gender equality and empower all women and girls.

The audience was enlightened about how women entrepreneurship has become a boom in India thus triggering a cascading effect in their zeal and enthusiasm to break free from the home-maker image.  Currently, women entrepreneurs may not be much visible on the radar, in overall women occupy 30% of corporate senior management positions, which is notably higher than the global average (24 percent). It is a great opportunity to learn and  get enlightened  by amazing speakers.

Ms Tripti also shared about the 3 % mandatory procurement policy for  Micro and Small and Medium enterprises owned by women which was proposed by her this year. She shared that this has opened tremendous gateways for women owned businesses to work as Vendor with every Central Ministry /Department / Public sector undertakings and Govt offices. During the W-talk she made attendees aware of other govt. and financial institution support schemes for women.

The event was moderated by Ms. Tripti Shinghal Somani. The speakers shared their motivational stories of how they climbed the ladder of success, including  Ms. Tripti Shinghal Somani, Founder Womennovator, MD KGS advisors – Moderator, Mr. R. Gopinath Rao, IEDS Deputy Director, MSME Development Institute; Ms. Ruparani Ravindran, Founding President, FIWE (Karnataka Chapter), Influencer – Bengaluru, Womennovator; Er. S. Sakamma, PW & WR Department, Karnataka Government; Mr. Irfan Malik, Founder & Director, InQ Innovation, Ms. Sowmya Keshava, Partner, Vidstatus; Ms. Indrani Mukherjee, Co-founder and MD, Bamboooz; Ms. Mahua Mukherjee, Co-founder & Director, The Star in me and Ms. Rina Barreto Shankar, Founder & CEO, Cheree Tree Concepts.

Womennovator (Gvriksh) organized a W-TALK – Bengaluru at National Association of Software & Services Company (NASSCOM), Bengaluru, Karnataka with support of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.