Traditional Uttarakhand food: Taste at it’s Best


Traditional Uttarakhand cuisine is tantalizing to the taste buds whether it isKaapli ki Sabji, Jholi (Kadhi), Mandua ki roti, Dal kay pakode making the list endless.Below are some of the hill state’s delicacies:

 Pattyud/Pinalu (Arbi): Arbi or Yam is called Pinalu in Garhwali and holds a significant place in the food order of the State. People of Uttarakhand make Pakoda’s or fritters out of the leaves of Arbi and flour batter, especially when the rains arrive in the hill-state.

Thachula mooli: Usually, everyone takes radish as a salad, but here in Uttarakhand radish is served as leafy vegetable gravy that can be eaten with chapati as well as with rice.

Bal Mithai: Uttarakhand’s most famous sweet is Bal Mithai, made from Khoya and coated with sugar balls and Almora’s Bal Mithai is famous through out the hill-state. Bal Mithai is a perfect token to take back from Uttarakhand when you visit the State next.

Singodi: This delicious sweet is prepared with Khoya and coconut wrapped in a green leaf that is found in particularly in Kumaon called Malu. This local mouthwatering delicacy is a favorite with locals and tourists as well.

 Aaloo ke Gutkhe: A typical Uttarakhand food made from boiled potatoes, roasted spices along with dry whole red chili along with coriander leaves. Locals use a regional spice called Jhakiya ka Tadka.

 Kumaoni Raita: This is for people who love curd.  This recipe is prepared with curd, cucumber and mustard seeds that give it a pungent taste making it different from all other Raitas. People treat it as a meal rather than taking it as a side dish.

Bhang Ki khatai: This lip-smacking dish of Uttarakhand is prepared with roasted bhang (opium) seeds, cumin seeds and lemon juice. This healthy concoction is good for stomach ailments and is a must-have in summers for locals and tourists alike

Madue Ki Roti: Rotis or Chapattis made from homegrown cereal called Madua is now famous in home and abroad for its nutrient value.This is coarse but delicious form of chapatti is usually taken with homemade butter and is a staple diet in most villages of Uttarakhand.

Jhangora Kheer: This dessert is prepared from milk, sugar and Jhangora, a locally grown cereal of Uttarakhand.

Bhatt ki Dal: Amongst Uttarakhand’s cuisine, Bhatt ki dal (black Soybean) is a very delicious pulse. It’s a concoction of Bhatt, Chana pulses and gehed/gauth dal. It is prepared with a lot of care like soaking it for the night and then grinding it and then steaming it for hours on end.

Dal Pakode: Urad Dal pakode or fritters are an inherent part of Uttarakhand’s rich cuisine. Urad Dal pakodas sprinkled with black til are a must-have during any auspicious festivities. This tasty recipe holds an important place in the lives of people of Uttarakhand.

Sisunak Sag: A Green leafy Vegetable Dish prepared like other green vegetables,  the leaves are locally known as “Bichhu Ghas”.

Kaapa (saag): Boiled spinach, finely chopped and cooked with spice and Curd, and thickened with Rice paste is a healthy recipe rich in iron.

Sweet Arsa: A traditional sweet made from rice, jaggery, water and then fried in hot oil. Arse, again like Urad Dal Pakoda’s are cooked in festivities and special occasions like marriage, birthday etc.

 Chainsoo: This pulse is prepared by black cereal, and is rich in protein, amongst the best food items of Uttarakhand is cooked with cumin and Asafoetida.

 Garhwali Fannah: Garhwal Ka Fannah has become a must-food- item on all menu card of local cuisine. Divine in its taste and aroma, its an instant hit with every age group.

Jholi (pahadi Kadhi): Made from chana flour (besan) and curd, this traditional dish is served pipping hot with ghee and rice.