Tauli Bhud – Kahaani on the wall


Dehradun, Village Tauli Bhud some 40 odd kilometers from the State capital of Dehradun will be home to a galaxy of 15-20 professional artists from all over India and the globe from the 20th to the 26th of February this year.

The artists, armed with their paints, pallets and brushes will be here to bring alive the listless walls of the village with murals of ten Jaunsari folktales, kept alive orally by village elders.

All this is being done as part of Kahaani.world, a mammoth attempt by Evolve Foundation of Dehradun to restore, preserve and showcase art, culture and history of the Jaunsar belt.

The scenic Anirudh Ashram will host the artists while volunteers from various institutes in and around the city can commute to and fro on buses organized for the upcoming event.

Former Head of the Tauli Bhud village Prem Singh helped by enthusiastic village folks Yashpal Singh and Dinesh Chauhan worked relentlessly for three months to collect long-forgotten folktales which could then be brought alive on the village walls.

Today, looking back with nostalgia, octogenarian Prem Singh adds, “I am very happy that something from my area will be inscripted for the future generations to share and be proud of. This was a void now being filled, which is very satisfying to see.”

Nupur Agarwal of Evolve Foundation shares their concept with us, “the aim behind the Kahaani project lies in the very soul of the cause that I support. Tauli Bhud nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city is home to one of the most unique Jaunsari cultures that faces risk of extinction, we are trying to do our bit to preserve it.

This event attempts to showcase the sheer potential of art and creativity which in turn can be carried forward by future generation of the region.