As sweet as it can get during pandemic


Dateline Dehradun: Young. Type-1 diabetic. Covid survivor. Yet, helping those like her in their hour of need.

When Rekha Negi set up Uttarakhand Diabetes Awareness Initiative (UDAI), a community support for those living with type-1 diabetes in the year 2018, little did she know she would be a frontline warrior during Covid19.

Starting her day early to follow up with children on their fasting sugar count so that they can have a good day ahead, to then assisting diabetic patients who are Covid positive living across Uttarakhand to Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh and even Delhi.

Rekha tells us, “Underprivileged people and especially children with diabetes are undergoing difficult challenges during Covid19. I am providing them free online consultation, dietary changes if any with the help of doctors and even organising medicinal supplies to their doorsteps.”

Her NGO helps Rekha to stay connected with local volunteers, she adds, “We have 6-7 volunteers (including SOCH members) in Tehri who have connected us with eighty Gram Pradhans from the region. We take down their requirements which we forward to Dehradun group member Himalaya Ramola who in turn arranges for these requirements to make their way to Tehri the following morning.”

From Glucometer Strips, medicines to pen needles, except insulin that she tries to procure locally with the help of volunteers or community-aid groups, Rekha has been making it easy for diabetic patients to have easy access to these life-saving drugs while they battle Covid.

From those as young as two year old, to young men and women and senior citizens, Rekha Negi is offering them support, comfort and kindness in a number of ways. From free online doctor consultation for the family to sending across diabetic medicines, the young lady says No! to no one, but sprinkles a little stardust in such testing times.