Pahadi Homestay: Your Home in the Hills


Pahadi Homestay, is a leading example of how abandoned homes in ghost villages  of Uttarakhand and two young men who lost their livelihood to natural disaster, with clear vision and determination can put to use their never-say-die attitude as a recipe for success.

In the year 2015, two young men Abhay Sharma and Bipendra Bhandari brought their skills and mind together to bring about an off-beat destination which in the past 3 years has been home to over 3000 tourists from not only India, but foreign shores as well.

Speaking to Newspost, Abhay Sharma tells us, ”We lost our rafting business in the 2013 June deluge,  but we dint loose hope. We chanced upon the idea of pahadi homestay. As the name suggests, this is an eco-friendly homestay which have been created from abandoned homes in our villages.”

Neglected, falling apart houses which was once ‘Home’ to a family, is a common sight in the hills of Uttarakhand. Mass migration continues to drain the hills of its families who move to the plains in search of a better future, leaving behind ghost villages.

Today many derelict houses have been painstakingly repaired, keeping their structure and quaintness intact by Abhay and Bipendra.  So while the walls of the houses are still covered with mud and cow dung, with wooden panelling and slanting slate roofs, the team has tried hard to retain the beauty of the ‘home in the hills’ but fitted them with the latest gadgets for comfort such as cottages with attached washrooms, Tea/coffee maker and In-house chef to name a few.

At present, Pahadi Homestay has been set up in three picturesque places, Kanatal, Rishikesh and Haathipaon, Mussoorie giving employment to over a dozen  youth who not only assist in maintaining these properties but also double-up as nature guides for  organic farming, bird watching, trail-walks, star gazing and promoting village tourism as well.

This season Pahadi Homestay plans to partner with ten such homestay in the hill-state and also also restore a few derelict homes in Dyule and Kunaun region as well.

So if you are in the mood to head to the hills, but are done putting up in concrete hotels with ultra-luxuries, then perhaps, Pahadi Homestay is that perfect getaway to make your stay, a trip of a lifetime.