Mussoorie Winter Carnival: Where Talent has no age bar!

Spinning magic with their dance moves

The Mussoorie Winter Carnival is on in full swing. With stages put up at regular intervals, lifeless parts of town have come alive from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. with numerous performers doing their act.

Today afternoon, the Landour Stage came alive when two young kids, both in their early teens took to the stage. Annie from Waverley and Manav from St.Lawrence, both local residents spun magic with their dance moves to Hindi and English songs being broadcast from a music system.

Spinning magic with their dance moves

Their audience, from 3 year olds to elderlies snug as a bug in shops lining the narrow market were left spell bound by these young stars. Smita Vaish, a local resident who witnessed the young children on the stage tells me, “At least these young talents are getting some kind of exposure which will go a long way in getting them where they truly belong.

Once their duet ends, Annie joins me in the crowd and fills me in, “I enjoy performing on stage. When my audience claps and encourages me to go on, it gives me the inspiration to do better the next time I am on stage.”

Shy and talented Manav, dances with ease and moves from ‘Taki Taki’ to ‘Teri Miti’ with such grace, that he makes it look, almost effortless. Manav tells me, “Me and my friend Ishaant are performing since the 25th at various stages across town. Dancing to any song from English to Hindi and even regional songs is my passion. I enjoy myself and look forward to performing every day.”

Performing 4-5 hours a day without breaking a sweat, one can see them enjoying themselves on stage, and their energy comes through. With no formal training, these self-taught artists have polished their dancing moves by watching YouTube videos alone.

From very humble background, their parents are encouraging their children for they feel no stage is too big or two small for young talents like these and I agree in unison.