Making women “SAKSHAM” : Varidhi Singh


During Covid times, a number of businesses have suffered and the economy is dragging. There has been call from the Prime Minister for youth to come forward and develop entrepreneurial skills. Putting the PM’s words into action and taking her family tradition of Philanthropy ahead, Varidhi Singh has set an example for many to follow. Varidihi is the founder of “SAKSHAM”, a project empowering the less privileged women residing in a village about 30 km from the city of Kanpur.

Through SAKSHAM, these women are being trained to stitch and make beautiful garments from Indian Khadi fabric. Khadi is a natural handwoven natural breathable fabric which is apt for clothing in the high temperatures in India. Khadi is known as the ‘Wonder Fabric of India’


Traditional gender norms in India suggest that the husband/ man of the family should bear the complete financial burden of supporting the family. In this initiative, Saksham hopes to break that mindset by empowering women and creating an opportunity for women to be employed by training them in the art of stitching uniforms and workwear using khadi fabric.

SAKSHAM has partnered up with schools/colleges/organizations that require uniforms and encouraged them to buy products made by these women. These days the women at SAKSHAM are producing masks to help keep people safe during the current pandemic.