Mitalee Dabral: Making time for poetry

Tiny Musings: Mitalee Dabral


Coming back to them
Is like coming back home;
Peaceful warmth
Enveloped in a cool, wafting mist.
And whenever a familiar wind
Caresses us by
The Pines, Oaks and Deodars,
Nod in agreement.

Mountains move,

They move us!

Tiny Musings is Mitalee Dabral debut collection of poems.  A befitting water colour cover brings to life the 160 short poems which flow onto 318 pages spanning topics from love, life, relationships to nature and travel, giving voice and words to moments one seldom acknowledges.

With close to two decade of working in the corporate world, Mitalee Dabral is not wasteful with her words, whether spoken or written. That is probably why her debut Tiny Musings are crisp, succinct and strike a chord with the readers, especially women.

Each piece captures poetry in motion — be it the beautiful memories of togetherness in “Cloth Pegs” or the intimacy of a conversation “Over a Cup of Coffee”. Some are thought-provoking and questions as well as redefines the conventional premise of beauty such as “Let’s break the rules of beauty”, while others such as “Girlfriends” tug at the heartstrings and captures the unspoken camaraderie and sisterhood girlfriends share.

Mitalee considers poetry, to be a “felt thought and adds, “I was always that silent, observant child who preferred to get lost in a world of thoughts surrounded by books and nature.” She sums up, by stating, “Over the years, thoughts befriended the right words and appeared as Tiny Musings. While I began writing in school, there was a hiatus of a few decades before I started again and I think the pause enriched the experience pool I draw from.

The bouquet of poems makes for a perfect gift for the people in your life, or to yourself. They leave you with a smile, a chuckle or sometimes, sheer nostalgia for that which was good in the past.  You have a collection that makes for a great read at any given time. Go get your copy!

Tiny Musings by Mitalee Dabral

About the author:
An alumnus of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai, and Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie. Mitalee is a mountain soul, as her initial years were spent in Uttarakhand in the lap of the Himalaya. She later moved to the northern plains and acquired a degree in English Literature and completed her post-graduation in Human Resource Management. Somewhere amidst unraveling the corporate conundrum Mitalee found her poetic musings inspired by love, life and relationships longing to come to life. Mitalee lives in Bangalore with her husband, son and a handsome beagle, Caesar.

If I Could Tell You

If I could tell you
How tenderness coils inside me
When I see a smile dangling on your lips
Anytime you’re engrossed
Watching a romantic movie.

Each of us
Revelling in our own
Silent moment
Of falling in love
With love.

Tiny Musings  is listed online on Amazon, Flipkart and Notion Press. Paperback will hit the stands by mid-August.