Hemophilia patient undergoes successful Eye Surgery at Himalayan Hospital

Adrik with his doctor

Dateline Dehradun: A successful cataract operation was performed on the eye of a young patient suffering from Hemophilia, at the Himalayan Hospital, Jollygrant.

Two-year-old Adrik, a resident of Sitarganj (Udham Singh Nagar), was afflicted by cataract since birth. His case was complicated as he was suffering from Hemophilia A, which is a hereditary bleeding disorder caused by lack of blood clotting factor VIII.

Adrik’s parents consulted several hospitals but returned disappointed. They then decided to consult doctors at Himalayan Hospital, Jollygrant where they met Senior Eye Surgeon, Dr. Renu Dhasmana.

After examining the child’s report, Dr Renu Dhasmana informed the parents that there was risk involved in the operation as the child was suffering from Hemophilia A which is a condition relating to deficiency of factor VIII. Without sufficient factor VIII, the blood does not clot in the patient and hence leads to  uncontrollable bleeding. After gaining family consent, under the supervision of Dr. Aavriti of Onco Hematology, Factor VIII deficiency in Adrik was corrected through medicine.

Thereafter under the leadership of Dr. Renu Dhasmana, the team including Dr Veena Asthana, Dr Amit, Dr Kritika from the Department of Anesthesia performed the cataract operation on the child’s eye. Subsequent to the operation, the child was kept under  supervision of doctors for a few days. Completely cured the child has now been discharged from the hospital.

An elated Dr Renu Dhasmana, Senior Eye Surgeon  said, “Hemophilia is a disorder in which blood does not clot normally. As a result excessive bleeding occurs after any surgery. Treatment consists of medications to improve blood clotting. Himalayan Hospital, Jollygrant has all the modern facilities to perform surgery on such patients.