Dr. Santosh Nahar’s Violin Resonates at ‘Dharohar’ by the Ganges

An Indian classical music event, 'Dharohar-2024', was organized by Shruti-Sarita Art by the banks of the Ganges.

Rishikesh – An Indian classical music event, ‘Dharohar-2024’, was organized by Shruti-Sarita Art by the banks of the Ganges. The renowned violinist from Delhi, Dr. Santosh Nahar, delivered a captivating performance.

The program began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp in front of the portrait of Dr. Swami Rama. The event was held at the Abhayam Ashram on Veerbhadra Marg. Dr. Santosh Nahar initiated the musical evening with Raga Charukeshi, mesmerizing the audience with his performance. He then enchanted the audience with the tune of the bhajan “Payo Ji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payo”. Pradeep Kumar from Rishikesh accompanied him on the tabla. Before the performance, Dr. Santosh Nahar addressed all music practitioners, discussing the nuances of classical music, sharing his musical experiences and the nature of his practice, guiding the students.

Ashish Kukreti, founder of Shruti-Sarita Art, thanked “Tuf Metallugical Pvt Ltd” for their support in organizing the event. Secretary Sadhana Mishra managed the event. During this, founders including Pawan Kumar Mishra of “Ivalyou” and Manish Srivastava of “Moxie” along with other members and officials of Shruti-Sarita Art were present.

Dr. Nahar dedicated to preserving classical music through ‘Shruti-Sarita Art’
Classical musician Dr. Santosh Nahar stated that classical music has always been a part of our ancient tradition. With the organization of the ‘Dharohar’ event by Shruti-Sarita Art, the significance of classical music will reach more youths and others, enhancing its preservation.

Indian classical music is a communion of the soul with the divine – Ashish Kukreti
Founder of Shruti-Sarita Art, Ashish Kukreti, says that Indian classical music is the communion of the soul with the divine. Good music brings about various positive changes in our inner self. The kind of music we listen to affects our minds. Practice of music through sound exercises brings about a special kind of positive change in our physical and mental energy. Shruti-Sarita Art is committed to the propagation and preservation of Indian classical music.