Building emotional quotient & managing stress through Covid19


New Delhi, There is no room for stress if one knows how to manage one’s emotions in healthy ways, take initiative and adapt to changing circumstances. At the moment the COVID-19 outbreak and the much needed lockdown has indeed caused a lot of uncertainty and anxiety amongst all, especially the younger lot, the children most importantly.

With educational institutions closed  and lockdown imposed, there is literally no way to do all the things that children would be engaged in from morning till evening. So what now? Are we going to feel depressed and stressed and whine over things? No way, that’s not how emotionally intelligent people behave, right?

Always remember when it comes to happiness and success in life, emotional intelligence matters just as much as intellectual abilities. Emotional intelligence affects :

  • Your performance at school – High emotional intelligence can help you navigate the social complexities of your environment, lead and motivate others and excel in school.
  • Your physical health – If you are unable to manage emotions, you are probably not managing your stress either. The first step to improving emotional intelligence is to learn to manage stress.
  • Your mental health Uncontrolled emotions and stress can also impact your mental health, making you vulnerable to anxiety and depression.
  • Your relationship – By understanding your emotions and how to control them, you are better able to express how you feel and understand how others feel.
  • Your social intelligence – Being in tune with your emotions serves a social purpose, connecting you to other people and the world around you. Social intelligence enables you to recognise friend from foe, measure another person’s interest in you, reduce stress and feel loved and happy.

Now let’s look at ways how one can improve emotional intelligence. The good news is that emotional intelligence can be learnt and developed by following the strategies below :

  • Look honestly at how you think and interact with people. Try to put yourself in their place and be more open and accepting of their perspectives and needs.
  • Look at your school/work environment. Do you seek attention for your accomplishments? Humility can be a wonderful quality and that doesn’t mean that you are shy or lack confidence. Give others a chance to shine – put focus on them and don’t worry too much about getting praise yourself.
  • Do self evaluation. What are your weaknesses? Are you willing to accept that you are not perfect and that you could work on some areas to make yourself a better person?
  • Examine how you react to stressful situations. Do you become upset every time there is a delay or something doesn’t happen the way you want? Do you blame others and become angry at them even when it’s not their fault?

So let’s get started and take control of the situation. Let us make the most of it and use this time to grow. Do all those things that we didn’t have time for.

  • Read and read more books and develop good communication skills by writing down the gist of the story and read it aloud at home to those around you and polish your speaking skills.
  • Do yoga to improve flexibility, build muscle strength and overall wellbeing of the body and mind and boost up your immunity.
  • Practice meditation to reduce stress, control anxiety, enhance self awareness, focus and improve willpower and mental strength.
  • Develop your hobbies, it could be art and craft, singing or playing an instrument, writing articles or poems or anything else you enjoy doing the most.
  • Talk to all the people in your family and friend circle in India or abroad over the phone or skype or video chat and share your experiences i.e. stay connected.

Believe me, this too shall pass and you will come out a stronger person both mentally and physically. So, take all the necessary precautions in the present scenario and at the same time make the most of it.

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.