Uttarakhand police raises over ten crores through fines


Dehradun: Over ten crores has been collected as fine by the Uttarakhand Police to date, from violators of Covid-19 guidelines that have been put in place by the Health Department this year.

Whereas, legal action has been taken against 57,715 people on charges of violating rules, another 211 people have been booked under IT Act on charges of spreading rumors on social media. Along with 4,644 First Information Report (FIR) filed against lockdown violators.

Challans of 24,656 people have been deducted under violation of social distancing across the state. However as many as 1,97,754 people have been fined across Uttarakhand for not wearing facemasks, and this number keeps going up.

During the statewide lockdown, the highest penalty was collected under the Motor Vehicle Act. The police have so far collected seven crore, thirty lakh, nine thousand six hundred rupees under the MV Act alone, on a wide range of charges, including unnecessary driving of vehicles during lockdown.

However, under the Police Act, a fine of rupees One crore, eighty-three lakh, twenty four thousand has been garnered from across the hill-state.

Simultaneously, under the Disaster Management and Epidemic Act, a fine of two crore, seventy-eight lakh, thirty five thousand was levied under various lockdown violations.

Up until 13th of August, 2020 the Uttarakhand Police has contributed a sum total of rupees ten crore, ninety-four lakh, seventeen thousand one hundred to the state treasury.

Covid-19 has also plagued the department with 186 Covid positive police personnel as on the 13th of August, 2020 from across the hill-state. Out of the total, 99 have recovered and 72 personnel have returned to their posts. As far as containment zones are concerned the hill-state has 601 containment zones with the highest number of containment zones i.e. 403 in Haridwar district followed by 145 in Udhamsingh Nagar.

With each passing day, the amount collected from violators across the thirteen districts shows an upward trend.