Tollywood actor Abir Chatterjee to shoot in Mussoorie

Camera! Light! Action! these words will echo once again in the hill-station of Mussoorie which will witness another film unit, this time from Tollywood, shooting in Landour, Mussoorie, starting tomorrow.
One of the busiest and talented Tollywood actor Abir Chatterjee will be seen shooting on-location in Landour, Mussoorie for his upcoming movie by Arindam Sil, ‘Byomkesh Gotro‘. With little or no time for Abir to unwind, the actor is already travelling to the hill-station after wrapping up a marathon of post-promotional schedule for Kaushik Ganguly’s ‘Bijoya‘ (sequel to his National-Award winning Bishorjon) and ‘Guptodhoner Sondhane‘ as well as .
The hill-station promises to play the perfect location for the thriller with monsoon showers turning the hill-side mysterious with shades of black and grey in the backdrop.  The film also stars 21 year old Satyakam who plays the son of a business magnate from Landour, Mussoorie with the young lad visiting legendary Bengali detective Byomkesh at his Kolkata home and pleading for help.
The film unravels how Satyakam feels his life is under threat and invites Byomkesh to come to the hill-station to investigate the case. The movie takes an interesting twist when the detective arrives in  Landour to find Satyakam murdered. The fiery movie cast  includes Sohini Sarkar, Rahul Banerjee and Anjan Dutt with Abir in the lead role playing Byomkesh.
Landour residents are not new to Bollywood film units shooting in the area. A few weeks back, Bollywood stars Tiger Shroff and Ananya Pandey were shooting in the area for their upcoming  sequel to ‘Student of the Year.’
The 4 week shoot will end towards the end of June and the movie is set to have a Durga Poojo release. While ‘Byomkesh Gowtro‘ could well be Tollywoods first to film unit to shoot in this scenic locale, but not the last, for sure.