Team Shekinah Mukhiya’s harmonious fundraiser

    Shekinah with her father Vikas

    Dateline Dehradun:  In a world often overshadowed by tales of hardship and struggle, a guiding light of hope emerged when Shekinah Mukhiya and her father Vikas Mukhiya organized an online fundraiser for a terminally ill patient Bikash Tamang battling rectal cancer at Tata Memorial Hospital in Kolkata.

    When Bikash Tamang’s wife, Bhawana Thapa, reached out to Shekinah a few days back seeking assistance in raising 5 lakh rupees for Bikash’s urgent surgery, having exhausted all financial avenues, little did she know that a miracle was waiting to happen.  Without hesitation, the father-daughter duo accepted the cause. They used their social media reach to illuminate Bikash’s plight and the fundraiser resonated with hearts worldwide.

    Helping lives

    Through captivating Facebook and Instagram Live sessions, enhanced with soul-stirring melodies and heart-touching narratives, they embarked on a campaign to raise money for the Tamang family. The constant support of Reza Abdulla Khan  and Sanjeev Newpaney, Sikkim helped the duo to reach their goal within a short span.

    Their heartfelt performances went beyond borders, captivating the attention of compassionate souls from around the globe. In a remarkable display of solidarity, individuals came forward, offering their contributions through online channels. Within just four days of relentless dedication and hard work,  each chord that the duo strummed and sang hit home the noble cause.  The Mukhiya’s succeeded in gathering 2 lakh rupees, evidence of the unstoppable spirit of humanity, kindness and generosity.

    Yet this journey has a long way to go.  As Bikash Tamang’s battle against cancer endures, and his need for financial support remains, they maintain hope that there will be help from all quarters.

    Even in the past this father-daughter duo have extended a helping hand to strangers in need, they have symbolized the essence of love, compassion, and selflessness. Theirs is a story that rises above the boundaries of mere kindness, echoing the resounding truth that ‘kindness knows no bounds.’

    More power to them!