Swami Rama Himalayan University represented at Annual Meeting of European Thyroid Association


Dr Nikku Yadav, Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, represented SRHU at the 45th Annual Meeting of European Thyroid Association (ETA), at Milan, Italy. The University of Milan hosted the 45th Annual Meeting of European Thyroid Association (ETA) from September 9th to 12th September, 2023.

The meeting initiated by local organizing committee Milan, was chaired by Laura Fugazzola and Luca Persani. They informed that the ETA Annual Meeting in Milan was being held for the second time after 1999.

‘Oral Session 1 Highlights in Thyroidology: in Memory of Jacques Dumont’ was conducted at the onset.

The poster presentation on Cancer, Graves’ Disease, Miscellaneous Nodules-surgery, Thyroid hormone diagnostics, Thyroid Cancer Clinical 1, Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis 1, Translational 1, Thyroid Cancer, Basic Thyroid Gland, Iodine & Autoimmunity Basic was conducted and evaluated. Satellite sessions were also conducted by industry experts, including on Robotic surgery of thyroid disease.

Dr Nikku Yadav’s poster entitled “Reference Range of Maternal Thyroid Hormones from Rural Himalayan Foot Hills (Tehri Cluster): A Cross Sectional Study”, was submitted under Thyroid Gland, Iodine & Autoimmunity Basic category. The poster presentation was followed by a QA round within time limits.

The poster appraised by Dr Marina A Michalaki, Division of Endocrinology, Department of Internal Medicine, University of Patras School of Health Sciences, Greece, was appreciated by members as representing significant work being conducted in the mountains.

On the second day Oral Session 2: Thyroid hormone action in the brain, Oral Session 3: Signalling in Thyroid cancer, Oral Session 4: Young Investigators / Clinical and Translational, Oral Session 5: Young Investigators / Basic were conducted.

The poster session 2 on Miscellaneous Nodules, Surgery Case Reports 1, Hyperthyroidism, Thyroid Cancer clinical 2, Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis 2 Treatment 1, Thyroid Hormone Transport & Metabolism Basic, Thyroid hormone receptors basic were conducted.

A Special session “How to design a clinical trial for advanced thyroid cancer” by Lori Wirth (USA) was also conducted.

On the third day of meeting oral sessions on the following themes were conducted: Oral Session 6: Pregnancy, Oral Session 7: Thyroid hormone receptors, Oral Session 8: Hypothyrodism / Nodules, Oral Session 9: Thyroid Eye Disease, Oral Session 10: Novel diagnostics in Thyroid cancer. Furthermore, Hypothyroidism, Nodules 2, Pregnancy, Thyroid Eye Disease, Case Reports 2, Thyroid hormone diagnostics 2, Thyroid Cancer clinical 3, Translational 2, Treatment 2, Thyroid Physiology in Periphery & Development Basic.

Meet the expert session included Transcriptomics analysis in thyroid hormone action by Soledad Barez-Lopez (Spain).

On the last day, Oral Session 11: Autoimmunity / Hyperthyroidism, Oral Session 12: Emerging Insights into Thyroid Cancer Genetics, Oral Session 13: Pathophysiological actions of thyroid hormones were conducted. Meet the expert session on Human brain organoids: new models of thyroid hormone action during neuronal development by Robert Opitz (Germany) was amongst the highlights.

Last of all the closing ceremony by Laura Fugazzola (Italy) and Kris Poppe (Belgium) was conducted. “A great discussion with all the renowned scientists was intellectually really stimulating, throwing up ideas for further research in the field of Endocrinology,” states Dr Yadav.