SRHU celebrates International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day Celebrated at SRHU

Dateline Dehradun: International Mother Language Day was celebrated in various colleges of Swami Rama Himalayan University (SRHU), apart from various events organized at Jollygrant. The day aimed to promote the preservation and advancement of mother languages. In the Himalayan School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (HSPS), activities like poetry recitation and debates took place, emphasizing the significance of mother languages. The program included speeches on the history and importance of mother languages, and students actively participated in various competitions.

Similarly, Himalayan College of Nursing, under the guidance of Principal Dr. Sanchita Pugazhendi, organized events highlighting the importance of Mother Language Day. Students were provided insights into the significance of linguistic and cultural diversity worldwide. The day focused on celebrating and enhancing language and cultural diversity globally.

Himalayan School of Management Studies (HSMS) organized a program themed ‘Mother Language – the birthplace of culture.’ Students expressed that many developed countries, such as China and Japan, have reached great heights due to the influence of their mother languages. They emphasized the responsibility of preserving and promoting Hindi as our mother language.