Shruti Maheshwari: The Perfect Cake-Smith


Haldwani, Individual efforts of reverse migration to Uttarakhand rarely makes it to the headlines. But there are one youth who have given ‘reverse-migration’ an entirely new tag, as many have gone onto make their janmbhoomi their karmbhumi  as well.

In this league, we talk about Shruti Maheshwari a trained baker from abroad who has given the art of baking a whole new meaning in Kathgodam.

27 year old Shruti studied in Nainital and then did her Graduation in Business from Indraprastha College in New Delhi. A lady with a flare to bake, Shruti took off to Le Cordon Bleu College in London to pursue her passion for baking and did a diploma in patisseries.  Armed with her diploma degree Shruti returned to India and then worked in Trident, Mumbai for a little over a year, where she had the opportunity to bake cakes for many Bollywood celebs including Sushmita Sen.

With everything going for the young baker, Shruti took a decision which would ,’change her life for the better‘, as she puts it and returned to her home in the hills. Today the young lady runs her own full-fledged bakery from home ‘Cake Smith by Shruti,’  the one-stop-shop/bakery in Kathgodam, Haldwani for all your bakery needs. Talking to Newspost Shruti tells us, “I have my parents and Chef Lalit Manral and Chef Albert Anthony to thank for being my constant guiding angels.” Shruti takes orders for cakes, cupcakes, cake in a jar, muffins, chocolates, cookies, granola bars and many more mouth-watering delicacies on her FB/instagram/whatsapp in advance to avoid any wastage.

Shruti, at present is honing her skills by using dates and honey to bake cakes and pastries for diabetic patients who want to indulge in some goodies to satisfy their sweet-tooth,  “I want to bake items for my diabetic customers as well and want my cakes to be readily available not only in Haldwani but nearby hamlets as well.”

Shruti’s handcrafted bakery-delights are putting smile on the face of her customers. Her detail-oriented and artistic baked goods have everyone craving for more as the young lady ‘Rises and Shines,‘ on her own mantel.