Vaidya Balendu Prakash on ‘World Cancer Day’

Pic Courtesy: Shikha Prakash

I wish you all a healthy and long life on World Cancer Day. Cancer is a deadly disease which, in spite of all advances in medicine, causes a lot of fear and depression in patients and their near and dear ones. The reason is clear! We do have treatments available in the form of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and stem cell transplantation but the relapse of cancer is rather a rule than an exception.

With all the treatment facilities available, the number of new cancer patients and mortality rate due to cancer continue to rise. These treatments can help in increasing the life span of cancer patients and in some cases, even in completely eradicating the disease. But the term ‘cancer’ continues to haunt the lives of patients. The disease affects infants, children, youngsters, adults and elderly of all classes and castes alike. However, the distribution of the disease may depend on habitat, eating habits, lifestyle and genetic disposition to an extent.

Now, the question arises should we be afraid of cancer? I say no! And this is not a vague comment but is based on the 60 years long clinical experiences of my late father and me. I have been involved in cancer treatment for more than 42 years now and as per my experience, a regulated diet and lifestyle in combination with mineral based ayurvedic formulations can help revive patients even from the last stage of different types of cancer. I have seen many such patients who are alive for more than three decades now. But such single cases are not sufficient to prove the effects of the protocol. So, a pilot study was conducted in 1997 under CCRAS, Ministry of Ayush on APML, a form of blood cancer. IRCH, AIIMS was chosen as reference laboratory. 15 patients participated in the study, 8 of these were relapse cases in whom the disease had returned after successful allopathic treatment. These patients have poor prognosis in modern medicine. The other seven were de novo cases, who had opted for Ayurvedic treatment immediately after diagnosis of the disease. 4 patients died within the first month of treatment. 11 patients were able to complete the treatment protocol for 90 days. Unexpectedly, all these eleven patients were completely free from the disease after 90 days. They were completely healthy throughout the three years of follow up.

Ayurvedic medicine based on silver bhasma does not kill cancer but maintains the imbalance of silver and eliminates toxicity. Dhatu vigyan in Ayurveda states that there are seven dhatus in our body, gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, Tin, Lead, Zinc. Any imbalance in these dhatus disrupts metabolism. When all of these are in proper balance and equilibrium we remain free from any disease and lead a healthy life.

There is another disease called Pancreatitis, meaning inflammation of pancreas. Up to 40% cases of Pancreatitis get converted into pancreatic cancer. But a formulation made from Copper, Mercury and Sulphur has been found effective in treating this disease. This has also been proven in experimental studies. Since 1997 more than seven hundred patients have received this treatment and about 80% of them are disease free. But only medicine does not cure the disease. It requires a well regulated diet and lifestyle.

Over eating, long gaps of eating, less sleep, eating non-seasonal fruits and vegetables, all of these increase the acidity of the body and create a base for disease development, by causing inflammation. The above stated examples show that Ayurveda maintains the health of the healthy and heals the diseased.

At the end, I just want to say that cancer, in spite of being a dreadful disease, can be prevented and even treated following the concepts of Ayurveda with a regulated diet and lifestyle.